2024 Mockup News at SédShop

We have exciting news about mockups, licenses, and more. Find out now.

Hello everyone! We've got some exciting updates to share from SédShop.Co that we think you'll find interesting. It's all about fresh starts and better deals as we roll into the new season and introduce some changes that are sure to make your experience with us even more delightful. So, let's dive into what's new!

New Mockups on the Horizon

First off, the arrival of Season 006 is making waves! We are bringing you a big bunch of never-before-seen mockups, including screens, posters, and various other advertising surfaces. This series of photography-based, ready-to-use mockups are just waiting for you.

A new bundle of mockups is being uploaded to our mockup shop. We call each collection a season as they arrive in bigger packages based around a general idea or mood. This season, we're thrilled to unveil a collection of 32 brand new SédShop mockups. It's our latest mockup collection, designed to inspire and energize your projects with a fresh dose of creativity. Whether you're working on branding, presentations, or any creative endeavor, our new season collection has something special for everyone.

Tailored Licensing Options

We are also releasing a refreshed and expanded licensing method where you get better-suited deals based on what you want to use the product for. Licensing will be divided into three categories: Standard, Commercial, and Enterprise. This range of choices ensures that you can select the ideal solution that fits your project's needs and budget. It's our way of making sure you have the flexibility and freedom to bring your vision to life without any hassle.

Laptop on a chair displaying a SédShop website offering different types of licenses—Standard, Commercial, and Enterprise—with detailed descriptions for each. The screen content is clear and the laptop is positioned beside a window.

We recommend using the Standard License for small-scale projects. The Commercial License enables a broader range of applications and more usage, while the Enterprise License is designed for the highest number of usages with very few limitations. You can learn more about our mockup licensing options or contact us if anything is unclear.

Better Prices for Everyone 

We've taken a good look at our season bundle prices and decided it's time for a change—a drop, to be exact. Yes, you heard that right! Our season bundle prices have been adjusted to become even more affordable under the standard license. We're always looking for ways to offer you the best value, and we hope this change will make our collections more accessible to everyone.

The Sweet Deal of Pick'n'Mix Discounts 

Say goodbye to our pre-made 5-piece collections, also known as mini-bundles. We're shaking things up with our new Pick'n'Mix automatic discount. This is where things get really exciting! Now, you can choose a minimum of 5 mockups that best suit your project and snag a generous 50% discount on the grand total.

Promotional graphic for 'Pick 'n' Mix' with a stylized number 5 and a round 'NEW' label placed over dark square blocks, all set on a black background.

And the best part? This discount applies to all licenses, allowing you to mix and match as you please. It's a fantastic way to save big while getting exactly what you need.

Currency Convenience 

Last but not least, we've added a new feature to enhance your shopping experience: a currency changer.

Graphic with currency selection buttons showing 'EUR', 'USD', 'GBP', and 'AUD' with the 'USD' button highlighted by a cursor, symbolizing a currency change on a website.

From now on, you can switch the currency display right in your browser to see prices in a way that's most comfortable for you. Just remember, while this feature is designed to make browsing more convenient, all payment and billing will still be processed in EUR. Consider it a small gesture from us to make your visit a little smoother. 

Filters? Filters! 

Our new filtering feature is now live! Searching for specific mockups, like an iPhone screen, is a breeze. Just select your desired item, and instantly, you'll see a collection of mockups from various perspectives. Finding the perfect mockup for your project has never been easier.

Screenshot of a website navigation menu from 'SedShop.Co' with categories including 'Business Card', 'Cover', 'Device', highlighted for 'IPad Pro' and 'IPhone', against a blurred backdrop of someone holding a tablet.

Terms, Conditions, and No Confusion 

Of course, with these exciting updates comes a refreshed Terms and Conditions. But don't worry, we're keeping it as straightforward as possible. We've added explanations in plain language next to the legalese to ensure everything is clear and easy to understand. It's all part of our commitment to transparency and making sure you're fully informed about the details of your engagement with us. We believe that understanding should never be a barrier to enjoying our services, so we're making it simpler for everyone.


There you have it! These updates are all about making your SédShop.Co experience better, simpler, and more tailored to your needs. We hope you're as excited about these changes as we are. Here's to a season of creativity, savings, and seamless shopping experiences. Cheers!


We'd love to hear your thoughts on these updates! Feel free to share your feedback and let us know how these changes are enhancing your experience with SédShop.Co.